by Heir Luminaries

Genealogy is the study and celebration of you | where you came from | where your family came from.

We research the past to answer your questions about your ancestors.

Why do this? Because we want to honor all people, their traditions and how they lived. We want to uncover reasons why families migrated and why they stayed. We want to know where they worked, what they invented. 

We want to remember

family history exploration

researching generations of your family near and far

family member verification

relationship chart

From where and when your family migrated and sometimes why…

Answering questions about family members who came before you

Definitive information about how you are related to a family member

  • What was the name of the ship my grandmother sailed to America on?
  • When did my mother cross the Canadian border?
  • Is there a copy of my grandfather’s passport application?
  • I was told that I am related to Abraham Lincoln, can you help me?
  • Am I really a daughter of the American Revolution?
  • Can you find the birth record for my father?
  • What is my relationship to grandfather’s niece?
  • Is this person really my 2nd cousin?
  • I connected with a relative on a DNA site, but I don’t know how we are related.

What Does Your Tree Look Like?

How many generations of your family can you trace? Can you fill in each leaf?

Owner Susan Donnelly

I have been researching people and writing their stories for nearly two decades. I am a photographer and graduate of Boston University's Professional Genealogical Program. I love this work.

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."

Alex Haley